Friday, December 30, 2011

To All The World Goodnight

HoneyBee Tees:

You'd never know 
That reading so
From Sacred book
Could find a crook
Midst such a look of

Today we'll stand 
Amidst a band of
Other Mr.meanors,

And plea guilty
To our folly;
Take our lumps
To heart, surely?

We'll see.

- - - - - - - -

[Now fifteen months
Have flit away, and I've come round to
Rue that day when,
Finger crooked, I laid a blame
On LittleMan's most recent stain.

I've seen the most abhorrent beast
Emerge from in my words and deeds
Evoking protest from no one,
The hubster? Kids? They just go on
Expecting soon I'll come around
From cussing irritating ground;

Or, maybe they've just always known
The nicer version prior shown
Was just a fake awaiting times
When my true witch,
Newly arised,
Would trounce his crimes?

I'll leave their expectations there;
Not mine to wonder or to care.
Just knowing better now,
At last,
How dreadful sin is owned and passed
From man (and woman)
To each child.
No one escapes.
It's DNA dialed.

And I'm its clone, proficient wild. ]

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