Monday, March 25, 2013


Adele Laurie Blue Adkins and
Fraser Lance Thorneycroft-Smith
Set out one day to writ music
‘Bout rain‘n fire havin a rift;

But the clime was not rainy, no,
The sun shone full bore,
And the pair grieved a lack of
Inspired implore;

So they spun themselves round in playlists of seven
From Miss Etta James to Andre Previn,
Soaked in thrills from strumming waves of
Spelunking moods down mystic caves;

And up they came with angst galore,
Feast for heart sized ears and more;
Chilling, angry, frenzied pop
Abseiling rock faced charts to top.

So Fraser Lance Thorneycroft-Smith and
Adele came to drink from that gurgling
Wishing well, plumbed deep of granite songs, and sweet;
Fresh and clean, if bereft of meaning.

Which proves by rights, that men of plight and
Women of catchy tunes,
Will amount to nothing if ever their names
Aren’t hyphenated-elongated runes.

- - Penned whilst under influence of six weeks of coffee, Pandora, four hour's sleep, TSP, paint fumes and bloody finger tips ~ 2Feb-16Mar

Bathroom window I finally took out had to go back in.
And so it went,
from metal strips, vinyls and rugs, to support posts, flocked ceilings and 60's paint hues;
all that was old was new again at Hedge House.

~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ 

"There's asbestos under those 9" tiles"

Lesson learned: patch kitchen floor instead of replacing: $1,500 saved; patch roof instead of replacing: 7,000 saved; leave bathroom w/o window ventilation and leave bedroom sans new carpet and baseboard: 1,300 saved; understand when you rent out a house for $400 less than the going rate,  renters should just have to deal with worn interiors. 

NET EFFECT: WE NEVER LEARNED TO LEARN OUR LESSON before overspending $10,200. 

Friday, March 22, 2013


Learned a lot about marriage, moving, and me, in the process of snapping 435 new iPhone images whilst the Monrovia relocation squeezed the lifeblood from us turnips. (The pic above, no, that's South Bend, IN...). Giving up Instagram for Lent (or, at least TRYING to) was one thing. Stopping the incessant photographing, quite another.

Now that we're actually replacing our spent adrenaline, cooking real meals, resuming ChoreMondays and thinking about resuming BudgetFridays,

ONE conclusion rings truer than all the rest:

When women get to have touches of beauty in a home, whether overhead, around her feet, in the air or in her head, there's a feeling unlike any other, if just for a fleeting second. She really believes --in that brief, momentary burst of recognition-- that she is

The Queen of something.