Friday, December 16, 2011

Michele Bachmann

"Two 'n's, one 'l' "

Every time I think to pray for the primary elections process (and pray against the flipper/womanizer front-runners), I've wondered why I don't take the female candidate more seriously. . .  heard myself say once that I could never imagine a female in the Oval Office. Most female professionals take an hour every day just to put on their faces and pull on the underwear. How could the leader of the free world get anywhere with that working against her? But a monthlong drumbeat, small but incessant, kept urging me to at least pray for Bachmann's titan efforts. What an ordeal, running for public office.

Finally got around to looking up her website last nite. It was the last thing I did ystdy, on my iPhone way after midnight, in the bathroom, of all places.  Wasn't too impressed at first; but, wait, it's efficient and to point, just like the candidate.  No, the Advent message I was hoping to find there was missing, but her debate performances still resonate in my mind, so...

... I made up my mind to ask DH to donate big to this amazing woman, win or no win.

Next morning now.  Green tea and devotions, and some strange family drama concerning OnlySon, but not before praying for Bachmann's kids; that they'd back her up, weather the turmoil well, not pull any BillyCarter moves. Then I cranked up the iMac to catch up on the morning radio broadcasts I'd missed from praying away half the day.  Started out browsing at

...!LOOK what we missed back during the wind storm clean up, early December. Three days of  Bachman interviews.  And after just praying for them not two hours earlier.

". . . I had lived in a dark closet my whole life, and now the world was technicolor... "
- - -M B, describing her born again experience


[Next text message: major drama at hubby's work place. BACK to the prayer pillow /8-# ]

San Gabriel winds curling
Spirits hurling
Victims swirling

On whyNOT Gingrich:

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