Monday, October 17, 2011

More Tears Clean Floors

It's true Machine Gun Preacher deserved my kids' boycott. Their mature discernment is a credit to their generation. But having seen it and wept over East African anti-Christian warfare,

all the others now come to mind...

Drug Scarred Mexico. Secular Europe. Liberal Canada. Brow Beaten Indonesia. Communist China. ISLAMIC IRAN. Youcef Nadarkhani and his heroic lawyer.

A Conference Speaker yesterday requested we bleach our globes with tear stains. I recalled the immediacy with which I purchased our globe 20 years ago, emblem of guaranteed success for the home school classroom. I had such bold intentions to pray for missionaries with the "students."

It has hardly been touched.

"...Since the Egyptian Revolution in January, several riots prompted by Muslim crowds broke out against churches in Cairo and other small cities in Egypt, breaking down churches, burning others, and resulting in significant numbers of casualties and deaths. None of the aggressors were seized, even though their faces were caught on video as they were committing their crimes...egyptviolence3.jpg
. . . Violent clashes began between the two groups, and then suddenly, to the shock of all the demonstrators, armored military vehicles sped into the crowd, striking protesters and fatally driving over at least 11! This reminded demonstrators of what took place by the police on January 28 during the Revolution…but no one expected this to come from the army who promised to protect the people and the Egyptian Revolution ..."  
-- Director of Focus on the Family, Egypt

If I can put the unclean floor to work as sturdy kneeler, prayer launch, territory for intercession, demarkation around which Satan will not prevail, the day's purpose will be served. Every home needs a chapel and a globe, but barring either of those, an unscrubbed kitchen floor will do.

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