Friday, October 7, 2011

Congratulations "Dave And Kate - October 8!"

A dear couple will unite in marriage on Saturday.

Cousin Kate

What is marriage? Why marry? I remember beginning a paper on this subject as a junior in college. I became so befuddled and overwhelmed (and spiritually attacked, no doubt, since I was still concealing a hidden life of "food addiction") that I recall burying my head under a sweatshirt at my UCSD library desk, and crying, literally.

It's 29 years later, and all I can say on the matter is that I serve a God who healed, and continues to heal the unstable, rebellious, infirm parts of me; and to admit that I always intended to revisit the topic of sacred marriage, but am too chaotic, unread, and lacking in quality scholarship to do it justice.

I'm no closer to understanding all that scripture counsels on the matter, either (thanks to my insipid church... ).  This I do know: my marriage lasts because my husband is tremendously forgiving and patient and humble enough to pray with me after we fight and cry. And he prays with me on most other occasions, too.


I texted him this image from a store last week. Asked him if he could hear these BOOKENDS "speaking to him?" (Wanted to ask if his already purchased wedding gift - a mosquito net from REI, was just a bit boring as wedding presents go, but I didn't - - just yet, anyway.)

The gentle giant loved these, and admitted the dbl-wide mosquito net was probably just an impulse-buy that he could take back.  Dave and Kate, avid backpackers, must already have DOZENS of mosquito nets, right?

WELL, I just finished making this note and began wondering... !What tremendous marriage how-to's could we squeeze between these miniature Mount Whitneys?

Being Out Of Budget makes that prospect Out Of the Question, but... let's just pretend we could go shopping for the perfect wedding "helps."  What would I dare suggest?

("Gram's EnglishToffee" for the wedding potluck.
Four batches the budget did stretch!)

Naturally, the book idea was not my own. It only came as I listened to Focus On The Family while putting finishing touches on the card this morning.  Today's broadcast topic inspired the thought:

First Comes Love, Then Comes Money, S & B Palmer

Wow. This couple's book sounds perfect.  But there are so many more...

Learning to Love Your Husband, Shaunti Feldhahn
How We Love, Kay and Milan Yerkovich
What Wives Wish Their Husbands Knew About Women, James Dobson
Holy Ambition, Chip Ingram
More Than Enough, Dave Ramsey
Overcoming Emotions That Destroy, B.C. Johnson
Walking Into Walls, Steve Arterburn
Every Man's Battle,  Steve Arterburn
Every Woman's Battle, Shannon Ethridge

Man, I love shopping. 

Congratulations, Kate and Dave! I'll be praying that the truth of Jesus' love and sacrifice  breaks out all over your weddedness, and that you will daily seek Him as Saviour and Lord.


Auntie E of the LBC

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