Wednesday, October 12, 2011


It's an old slice of guitar found
under a bridge in a
causeway by a

'Long Rio Saint Gabe.

But maybe, once baby
had a life with
cause, wait.

There it is
by his r-i-p sign.

When we captured it first on
our last river ride,
never figured we'd see it

There it was.
Hubby eyed it
as we left town on Friday
leaning proudly, reunited


"RIP Leonardo Florez," age 57,
Carson & Los Coyotes
The same old trashed icon,
it does catch your eye...

...from 3 posts back.

Now, today, home again and
just barely settled
comes a redux, a fight.
Not again.

It's on principle. Privacy.
His company's piracy.
Of course it's a 
huge disagree.

So, I'm looking for something to hang on my 
front porch: "Welcome 
to the Gulag"
it'll sing.

Until Christ comes again
(no, we'll still fight in heaven)
He will ever be

Dusty Bible of old
Let three children mold.
Dusty Constitution
Leaves a people in ruin,

Their muddy trashed icons 
leaned up 
death signs.

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