Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Young Mum

We HAD to eat it all; that's whipped cream.

My dear Mother, 85,
Provides my other-worldly drive
To dig and plant, design and rake,
And every now and then, to bake.

She rates.

Once upon a long past time,
Donned polka dots, and then she climbed
Onto the steed of husband's need:

From Catalina 22
to Dreadnaught before all was through,
Obed'nt from her first "I do."

Blessed heart,
Strong back,
Teflon-hardy cooking knack.

This last, I lack!
So, I give back:

From fall to spring
To July wedding,
a few improvements kept me sweating: 

Hardpan soil reconditioned with compost started here last November
Duct tape drainage: kitchen funnel to PVC jerry rig. I am such a "girl."
...funneling water from where it pools to beneath new plantings.
Prunings cut into new compost. I miss Dad's chipper shredder. 
BEFORE a little visit to the local FAMILY OWNED nursery.
Forgot to take the AFTER photo.
Too sweaty. 

to provide
A place to 'bide

In case 
Th'other fams
Had party plans.

They ran
To Cheyenne
(Street, that is).

Ah, well!

I'm still thrilled


To play wildly.

Thanks Mum. 

"Th'other fams" sent this with love.  (I see my pavers needs a shove.)  

My Dear Mum.

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