Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bike Thief

As I read Psalm 22 in the truck cab,
a gentleman with bolt cutters thot to nab...

Just a note
On the compost that is

Just a word
On the craft of black and

Just a Query
On ingredients for

When you catch the guy,
HOW SHEW him right?

It took but 2 seconds, the deed to be done.
He had no idea he'd been seen by someone.

When officers said he'd
Not broke much law,
Just vandalized goods,
Cause he stopped when I saw...

200 plus years
Of our culture
went raw.


Sometimes it stinks
When no air
Can it drink.


 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
(What the old one-eyed man interrupted with his bolt cutters:

"Praise the LORD, each one of you who fears Him... each of you must fear and reverence His name... He has not turned and walked away. When I cried to Him, He heard and came...The poor shall eat and be satisfied; all who seek the LORD shall find Him and praise His name...The whole earth shall see it and return to the LORD; the people of every nation shall worship Him."
-  -  Ps 22: 24-25, TLB

May He find you soon, Holy One.)

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