Friday, July 20, 2012

Pondering Rachel

So, given that we're "between churches" after leaving the one that was our "home" for 23 years, it's been our privilege and joy-fun donating our xy% to various amazing other causes and charities each month. This one came across our in-box, and I promised the young missions minded Grover (GroveCityCollegeGrad) that we'd consider the possibility of partnering with her.  She will soon begin a Social Justice internship raising awareness about Child Sex Trafficking.

There is a question I have, though, and I know it's one my husband will also ask when deciding how much to give, and for how long:

Is this Non-Profit ready to admit that the demand by sex addicts for ever younger people to exploit is fueled by an exploded internet availablity of every kind of porn? How ready are these socially aware young people to admit that there really is NO EXCUSE for porn of any kind?

On Stitcher Radio this week, a couple on an alternative talk-show had the pinheaded temerity to defend soft porn as a good thing.

Read Kinsey, Sex, and Porn, by Judith Reisman, my dears. You will never give Larry Flint or Hugh Hefner the time of day again. Not like I ever did.

dEar GOd. I feel sick at how little I've done with my life.  So, YOU GO, RACHEL.  I'M GONNA MEET WITH THE MAN AND PLUG YOUR NEXT STEP AS A COMMITTED GROVER & CLAW HAMMERED CRIME FIGHTER when Mr. D gets home from Half Dome. SO Proud.

Meanwhile, I'm compelled to keep my head in sand, and again retreat to an UPlift.  I will

go view

the vid @    .  REVERY for anyone feeling nauseous over our dim, sick, sinSaturat-e-d.culture.

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