Thursday, June 14, 2012

When BIG is good

The close-in myopia of 
D'Ramsey's dystopia
Drums hard on
my immature pate;

[It REALLY only looks this bad when you mess w/ the edit feature ]

Saving up patien$e,
Tempts me with license
To cheat out of
Choosing to wait.

 So I dream up escapes,
Sometimes weekly
Or daily, this last one
To Rodeo Drive...

Where I ponder that Bigness
Isn't just business, it's
Crucial dire statements on
Mankind's heart-mind cry;

The freedom to dream there,
A birthright inbred, where
Vistas and properties

Arboretums of spirit, that
Capably cheer up
My me-centered blinding
Child greed.

It's a Godbreath'ed faculty
Creative sparks always breed
Bigness from Bigness

While the rest of us resent
What bigness can
Choose to spend,
Remaining but pygmies, and mean,

Instead, I am

That dream of a Big new start,
Slave to a Ramsay chart,
Freed by a solstice
Of seeing

How shallow my eyes are set;
Wrestling with endless 'get,'
Mindless to
'Already have...' 

One good lifelong drag
On the lie of 'Don't have'
and I've muddied High Heaven's
Deep spring,

Where what is most keen
Can only be seen
Humbly germanating
In the deep;

Planted with errant weeds
Wanting to best compete
Watered with lemon or
Lyme, but

With summer just crouched,
 My laziness grouches
and smallness threatens
To deleaf.

If I harness a better pow'r,
Jesus' repairing hour,
Able to feed on
His Wait,

The Bigness without
May inspire me less pout,
Cooling this grieved
fevered slate,

Watching his angels craft
Rafters from whence to draft
Views of a stroll

With His 
Bigness of Soul.

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