Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fluff Bludgeons

Just threw back a German beer.
What's going on in here? It was after
My ribcage went first.

It's stuck in a twist. I can barely
Getting old is starting to hurt.

How? Why? I'm not sure,
But I scrolled here for hours
Inside some girl's wonder blog

Turned to get up,
Suddenly stuck.
(That 'suck' word should go here I thot.)

Warm family stories
And sane observations
Have armed me with smiles and permission

To give to the journey
An entire morning.
And prayers for her young family's mission.

And I learned a new term: 
"Fluff blungeons" she typed, 
Retelling of wars with dorm pillows;

And roommates turned confidantes,
Campers at camp, 
And brothers who sound like dear fellows.

I must go now to pay out
The bills I'm avoiding
But one more ripe pick from her saga:

"Anyone who says they have one life to live 
must not know 
how to 


~Author Unknown" 
(slight amendment,  
my own)

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