Friday, June 10, 2011

Afraid of Mr. Beachcomber?

There were only two deletions made to yestdy's published letter to the OC Register. One of them seems to point to a good ol' boy rule among publishers to not 'dis each other.  (That 's laudable, but in this case, the decision was also likely borne from a desire to protect their reader - me. I dared to 'dis the editor of a local freebie news rag and lived to tell the tale. But not here...)

The letter was a response to a story lamenting tasteful clothing options available for young girls, but the writer's schtick is a Frumpy Mom personae, demonstrated by her ugly hat and glasses.

Here's the letter entire:


MarlaJo Fisher's treatment, Skimpy Now Stylish (LIFE section, 6/7/11), is an ongoing topic in our home, as witnessed by the attached photo image of the front of our refrigerator.* I only wish you'd chosen a respectable conduit for this important opinion piece/rant.  MarlaJo has thousands of frustrated counterparts out here who actively oppose retailers who flaunt underwear as outerwear (I refuse to wear Playtex, as they were first to break the sex sells sound barrier with bras worn by live models in the 70's), newspapers who advertise for sex/strip clubs (Mr. Beachcomber recently labeled me insane in a most unpleasant encounter), and boycott Victoria's Secret, where I once returned a perfectly wholesome robe, just because I hate their premise that sex is a recreation to be enjoyed by unmarried teens.  So, with all the sobriety that we put into these same lifelong convictions, we obviously cheer Fisher; but her frumpiness comes as a disappointment to those of us who want to be taken seriously.  While I love her writing and tenor, I hate that stupid hat.


Thank you for refusing the Strip Club advertisers, but what's with your ads for 'exotic ecstasy with young asian girl' massage parlors?"

Maybe the good editors at the Register did not want to "out" Mr. Beachcomber as the meanyhead he was during my visit to his offices.

Implicit in the removal of my "PS," however, is an unwillingness to own up to their own complicity in the sex industry. 

How else will old-school newspapers stay afloat?

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