Saturday, May 28, 2011

Docent Tour 2mrw? Help.

[STUMPED how an entry written in / posted to this blog nutrinoed instead to my other one; then, exotic expletives when 'blogger' prevents access to desktop images.]

Time to close
Another day
Before I start
And end some study

Intended way much earlier
To open notes and to refer
To stamens, species, and to

But all delayed.
Instead I pruned,
washed some dishes,
cleaned a room;

Swept some,
Didn't iron; weeded
Times three

Never tired.

Until thank you
Notes, and mail run,
Workout at our newFit gym.

So, the whole day
Spent and flew.
(Don't forget to
mention GOO:

Carmel, Pecan
Chocolate Rune,
Leftover favor
From BD holdover.

OK, so, mention too
That wholesome bowl of
fresh picked rue,
goatmilk yogurt and PILED ON

...Oh! My Holy LORD and Savior,
How to 'splay this?! 

(eats and savors.)
ThankYou ThankYou for
Such favor!

C? Forgive me for taking all your pomegranate seeds.

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