Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Back To School Nightmares

The talk show know-it-alls are at it again. 

This time, with California law set to force-vaccinate any and all wanting to avail themselves of a free government education (good luck with that, btw), the topic is more hot than ever.

Only, this morning, the conservatives on KRLA 870 AM were not so conservative.

So my plans to prune the last overgrown salvia of the season were postponed a few hours while I drafted and emailed my outrage.  Knowing the talk show host will dismiss my argument, the note stands here as per my usual back to school practice.

Note a correction below, made during lunch. (I finally made it outside, but that salvia's going to take a few more days. Oooo. What a dusty beast.)

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8:47 am
23 August, ‘16

To Ben Shapiro et al,

You might listen again to your caller @ 8:47am who made the point that a vaccinated student once-upon-a-time brought mumps to school. This still happens. And not from the vaccine being “active” or “live.” It happens that the vaccines are not a panacea, and children who have had their full panel of shots still get sick with illnesses they were vaccinated against.  There is no legislation forcing the CDC to appropriate this data. The good news is that the statistical incidence of complications or death from these illnesses was never very high, at 1% or so of infected individuals. 

Further, the well known good that smallpox and rubella, etc. vaccines are duly credited with is not at issue with the current state of affairs: children are being immunized with such a barrage of shots starting minutes after birth that their bodies are being asked to accommodate to an unprecedented number of challenges to their immune system. 

What once was an effectual medical practice has now become a medically harmful overreaction. An over-exhuberent scientific establishment heralding the theoretical good that vaccines once represented is now requiring something like 36** shots before age six, and no parent, knowing her family history of adverse reactions is allowed to personalize the demand schedule. She must offer up her child as an instrument of public health experimentation as if vaccines were some sort of magic bullet. 

Vaccines are not a magic bullet.

In 1995, through a “bad lot” of Connaught flu vaccine, I and many others suffered multiple negative side effects. One gentleman on the east coast suffered Guillain Barr√© syndrome from this lot. Some of my symptoms were similar to his, but without paralysis. My list of ailments were some ten in number, and when I presented them to the administering doctor, he ridiculed me. Shut me up. Five years of pursuing any form of attenuating aide left me with little confidence in the medical industry.

Whereas before this happened I was a staunch vaccine backer, after this, I stopped seeing vaccines as the be-all-end-all answer to all our problems. As well, you should too. Do not allow the boogy-man arguments in favor of the misguided myth of Herd Immunity to cloud your otherwise persuasive mental construct.  Don't wait until one of your children falls victim before you seriously look into this. 

Read nvic.org     Read nvic.org     Read nvic.org

And talk to people whose children, like me, were forever altered after a vaccine.

~ N a m e   W i t h h e l d 

Your wife’s medical credentials notwithstanding, everyone has an agenda, and it is beyond well understood that the AMA methods of forcing groupthink are every bit as in-play within her world of “go along to get along” medicine as it is in the public schools, thanks to teacher’s unions, federal dollars and California’s liberal political machine.

** I have heard that some states require something like 65. Have also heard in 
CA the count is much higher.

See if my count is correct: 

(Included in the above vaccine schedule is a listing of symptoms that the vaccinations are meant to protect against.  This may as well be a compilation of complications known to have been suffered by some following their shot.  In the secular humanistic pro-Herd-Immunity medical world, these are the unfortunate "sacrificial lambs" who are merely genetically flawed individuals whose lot in life is to suffer a lifetime of consequence in the spirit of serving "The Greater Good." )

If you've explored nvic.org, now skim Alexandre Solzhenitsyn's Gulag Archipelago. Find the part where sullen individuals presumed themselves similar "sacrificial lambs" unworthy of life: being victims of groupthink, they pretty much lowered their heads, put hands behind their backs to be handcuffed, and volunteered themselves up for destruction. Their crimes? Owning Bibles and/or teaching their children about Christianity during the Russian Revolution.

History really does repeat itself. I am sorry, Alexandre. You meant well by warning us, but we rather prefer TV to Tomes. We must be doomed.

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