Friday, March 22, 2013


Learned a lot about marriage, moving, and me, in the process of snapping 435 new iPhone images whilst the Monrovia relocation squeezed the lifeblood from us turnips. (The pic above, no, that's South Bend, IN...). Giving up Instagram for Lent (or, at least TRYING to) was one thing. Stopping the incessant photographing, quite another.

Now that we're actually replacing our spent adrenaline, cooking real meals, resuming ChoreMondays and thinking about resuming BudgetFridays,

ONE conclusion rings truer than all the rest:

When women get to have touches of beauty in a home, whether overhead, around her feet, in the air or in her head, there's a feeling unlike any other, if just for a fleeting second. She really believes --in that brief, momentary burst of recognition-- that she is

The Queen of something.

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  1. That would be me - queen of something! It's my lifeboat. We must find the beauty, find the joy.