Saturday, December 29, 2012

Punch 2012 in the Face

Before we pack, we prune. As iPhoto undergoes it's regular combing out of needless and silly pics, these caught my eye; most from 2012, the first few, not. But-Oh how they capture the spirit of the age, you see...

Makes me weep. Ridiculed by my own children for loving this game, i threw it away in a rage. "Anger does not accomplish the purposes of God..."

This ugly sight AT CHURCH for Pete's sake. Poor, poor Pete.

I'm hosting a Punch 2012 in the Face 
NewYear's Eve Party. 

There should be a photo contest. 
Until I'm not "seeing double" from
 neighbor despair and moving anguish, 
planning good things will take a back seat 
to just inhaling 
one breath 
at a time

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