Monday, October 22, 2012


No, But Who Could Resist Stopping for A Peek?

Moving plans are hard timber. It's tough tackling what is right and what is enough; where is ideal; why you like what you do; how many years you have left on the planet; is Dave Ramsey "full of it?"; can an old couple set in their ways learn to start a business; will we ever have to eat dog food because I'd rather do dishes, laundry and volunteer, than get a job...? The daily soul searching is scraping the bottom of who I thought we were.

Today I wondered if my continual reassurances to M.Breadwinner that "I'll be OK living in a tent under a bridge" are not counter productive.  Maybe he needs to hear me say, "I'll be d#%$'ed if you make me live in a tent under a bridge..."  Positive thinking and all that.

One thing is certain. I've UNsubscribed from so as to limit the shimmer lust that overcomes a medium-aged female with expensive tastes and no wallet.  It's working. I'm happy capturing my little digital images, pondering their merits,

...and stopping in for a bite of brownie or carrot cake now and again, just to make sure I'm still breathing.

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