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Freedom Ringing? Vaccine Lies Stinging

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A recent poster in an Arcadia grocery store window warned that vaccines are required before enrollment in local schools is allowed.  Alarm has spread that old diseases are reemerging.

Coincidentally, this morning's paper featured a gripping story about the funeral for a really super niceguy from Newport Beach,  a victim of  a Meningococcemia infection.

I was alarmed. But not at disease scares. At the lack of protest overthe lie that schools promulgate when they insist on vaccine requirements and resort to scare tactics.

Missing from the poster, and missing from news coverage, was any "fine print" explaining California State Health and Safety Codes 120330 and 120335, insuring parents the right to waive those vaccination requirements.

No one should be bullied into believing something is required when it is not. OH. Wait. I forgot. On some issues, bullying is condoned.

Missing from the funeral news item was any mention of the victims recent vaccination history.  There may be more to his story. Sometimes the communicable disease is actually contracted from the vaccine itself. Or, the recipient's body is so overwhelmed by multiple doses administered at once, that the immune system is actually weakened, exposing the student to diseases he or she could've otherwise deflected naturally.

Barbara Loe Fisher of

"Certainly, America should have a sound, workable emergency plan in place in the event of a bioterrorism attack: but not one that places the life and liberty of the majority of citizens in the hands of an elite few, who will have the power to take BOTH from citizens without their consent.  

   CDC-funded and initiated legislation treats us like runaway slaves in need of subjugation. The law’s proposed elimination of the informed consent principle, which has governed the ethical use of medical interventions that can injure or kill ever since the Doctor’s Trial at Nuremberg after World War II, is clear indication that public health officials want the sole authority to decide who will live and who will die and under what conditions.  

   No state of emergency in a free society justifies the sacrifice of the most sacred human right: the right to voluntarily decide what you are willing to risk your life for, or your child’s life for. What it means to be free doesn’t get more basic than that.  

...if the state can tag, track down and force citizens to be injected with biologicals of unknown toxicity today, then there will be no limit on what individual freedoms the state can take away in the name of 'the greater good' tomorrow. 

Now, tomorrow is here."  

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I used to think anti-vaccine alarmists were nut cases. 

I did give pause when our first pediatrician in Encinitas, CA disclosed statistics saying that one in 64,000 children become mentally retarded after certain childhood inoculations.  Eww. I shrugged, prayed, and like a Vegas gambler, I was feeling lucky. I ignored the warning, boostered up all my kids, and --whew-- things seemed to go my way. 

Five years later, Juvenile Diabetes hit my pre-Kindergartner.  

Then came the 1995 flu shot from hell given to me by a nurse of Dr. Cortez Santos.  Only after subsequent years of medical treatments, third opinions and CDC correspondence, was I vindicated as officially vaccine damaged.  I joined the ranks of those previously derided nut cases after learning that the same "batch" of flu shot which I'd been given actually paralyzed people with Guillain-Barre' on the east coast.  I'd gotten off easy by comparison.

About that time, I thought to ask my diabetic daughter's endocrinologist if there was any chance that kindergarten vaccines played a role in her condition.  Dr. Kirchner would only say, "We just can't say one way or the other."

It makes sense to me: 

Type 1 Diabetes is reportedly an auto-immune disease striking those who are predisposed genetically to suffer when a pathogen "triggers" the body to begin destroying its own pancreatic cells.  WELL, back to school vaccines are tantamount to "pathogenic" when multiple catch-up doses are the pre-schooler's fate because her busy mom was too preoccupied with her 3 lb "preemie," and forgot to keep up with the other kids' well-baby visits.  

Our eldest with diabetes soldiers on valiantly. But.

I wish we hadn't had to learn the hard way that 'herd mentality' sucks when you and your kids are the 
ones being culled. 

I warn my kids to figure this all out before it's their turn to start a family. Because if the NVIC loses its battle to protect privacy and the right to decide for oneself and one's family what is injected into his or her own body, they may have to watch helplessly while their own newborns are punctured by eight or more shots all at the same time. Pray, I say to them. Pray like that six pounds of newly arrived flesh depending on you depends on you. 

And pray for and donate to the NVIC.

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