Sunday, April 15, 2012


Dylan knew.  I'm either a slave to my flesh "waging war against the law of my mind..."  or, a slave to the Romans 5 mind of Christ.

But who spends any part of an hour reading Romans? Who recognizes the quiet moment before news hits driveway / finger hits mouse, when the mind wants revamping; reforming; rewinding; repenting. Does anyone go to scripture anymore? I hate admitting that I prefer to fill my mind with moving pictures. Yet,

While the movie-going world swoons over a titanic movie, there are better thoughts to ponder.

DeCaprio can't touch the manhood message of these two mid-April motifs.

One depicts moving from life to death; the other, from death to life.

Romans 6:17

New American Standard Bible (NASB)
17 But thanks be to God that 
though you were slaves of sin, 
you became obedient from the heart 
to that form of teaching 
to which you were committed..."

Women and children first,
Once upon a time.

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