Sunday, July 10, 2011

WayToGo, Stater Brothers

Finding like-minded retailers is like pulling teeth: difficult,  messy, and expensive

A note just submitted to an industry trade magazine/website:

"In a similar move to boost its credibility with more socially aware consumers, Stater Bros. was the local 90808 grocer to respond MOST favorably when asked, a few years ago, to remove from its shelves the Sports Illustrated magazine "sporting" fully topless models on its cover. The worst reception given to concerned parents that year was Vons. As for this writer, the experience led to a permanent change in super market loyalties, i.e., transferred weekly shopping trips to Ralph's/Stater Bros. (a mere $50/year at Vons/Pavs now, excluding gas), going out of my way to reach Staters, the farthest from my home out of seven neighborhood grocery stores. Way to go, Stater Bros. Thank you."

The Stater manager I spoke with didn't just offer to sell the pile of offensive magazines from a spot hidden under his service desk, like Mr. Ralph's did, or look at me like I was a lunatic and refuse to even answer me, like Mr. Von's did. Oh, no-o-o-o-o. "Mr. Stater" told me he'd send the entire shipment BACK to the publisher.  I checked later that week, and it certainly seemed to have disappeared.

That's service with a smile. Mine was ear to ear.

(If only they'd continue the practice with ongoing covers of ill repute: Men's Health, Maxim, Cosmo, et. al...)

PS: I've written to Von's Corporate HQ quite a few times requesting a stance. Still no reply.

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